Saturday, February 28, 2009

Calling RMs

Another sleepless night. Bad habit!

I am spending the time worrying about my soon-to-be missionary.

I am worried about the cold. Andrew tends to be cold. There seems not a great deal I can do about it. This is a trial of my faith. The best advice seems for him to get his cold weather gear once he arrives in Canada. What about the period between arrival and shopping????!! Fortunately, he will get there towards the end of May. When does spring come to the prairie provinces? (DOES spring come to the prairie provinces?!) Parts of his mission are extremely far north! What about his month in the MTC in Provo? How cold is Provo in April? I don't remember.

I need to make sure he has ample funds. What ARE ample funds for this?

I hope there will be someone to advise and assist him finding good cold weather gear.

I am worried about his food. I haven't taught him to shop and cook. I don't know how to shop and cook for one! Especially one who has little time for cooking and won't stay in one apartment long.

If I can figure out what kinds of things he will need, we can do some practice runs at the local stores and hope it helps.

As nearly as I can learn, the mission is sparsely settled and members few. Dinner appointments will be a rare treat.

What are the essentials of a missionary's larder?

What are some good recipes/menus/meal tips for him?

I would deeply appreciate suggestions from 1) returned missionaries especially and 2) anyone with experience with quick, inexpensive, wholesome, filling meals for one.


  1. He is going to live and even thrive. Trust me. He may get cold, but he'll quickly adapt to it and learn to take the proper precautions. Besides, people who live in cold climates like to brag about it, but they also like to share information on how to keep warm. I assume Canadians are no exception. He'll learn from his trainer and the members, who, I'm sure, don't want elder-popsicles.

    MTC in May: probably beautiful, sunny, not even jacket weather. Already the crocuses and tulips are up here and the wind is blowing warm. By May, spring will have solidified and started hinting at summer.

    I'm putting together a list of things I learned to eat as a missionary, not all of which will be extremely nutritional, but are easy and cheap. I'll email them to you. I think elders who know the basics of cooking are popular -- almost as popular as the ones who can play the piano.

    For some reason, I forgot I have a Canadian friend. She and I served in the same mission. I'll ask her for some local advice, as well.

  2. mm. they are usually pretty good about info for the specific mission they get sent to. My son served in Texas (so I worried about heat exhaustion!) but the Mission Pres and wife impressed him enough that he kept hydrated. I think they do make an effort to remind and warn and help (like parents!) , which is reassuring to us as parents who send missionaries out. You've sent them out before, haven't you? We just have the one experience, and he did great. He also said that they are given sufficient money to buy enough food for the month. NOtmuch help, I know, but I am cheering for you and your missionary!!!